Sindhi Language

Take a Dictionary:  go to Languages: Indo- European…….

Even the world explains the Origin of the Languages to INDO ….It is well known that SANSKRIT and PALINI are the Mother Languages, from which all the languages of the world were born. Hence the Word Indo……………..

Is Arabic Sindhi, our Script ? NO !


Arabic Sindhi was invented in 1853 and imposed by the British on Sindh.

Brief History -Before that :

The Sindhi is an ancient language, over seventy percent of sindhi words are Sanskrit.

Sindhi was in  in three scripts – Ardhanagri, Saindhu and Malwari, all of, variantions of Devnagri. Business records were kept in Khudabadi (also known as Vaniki or Hatvaniki or Hatkai).

In 1800s

A big debate started, with Capt. Burton favouring the Arabic script and Capt. Stack favouring Devnagri. Sir Bartle Frere, the Commissioner of Sindh, then, referred the matter to the Court of Directors of British East India Company, which directed that:

1)The Sindhi Language in Arabic Script for govt. office use, on the ground that muslim names could not be written in Devnagri.

2) The Education Department should give the instructions to the schools in the script of sindhi which can meet the circumtance and prejudices of the Mohammadan and Hindu. It is thought necessary to have Arabic Sindhi Schools for Mohammadan where the Arabic Script will be employed for teaching and to have Hindu Sindhi Schools where the Khudabadi Script will be employed for teaching.

July 1853, Sir Richard Burton, an orientalist, with the help of local scholars Munshi Thanwardas and Mirza Sadiq Ali Beg evolved a 52-Letter Sindhi Alphabet. Since, the Arabic script could not express Sindhi Sounds, a scheme of dots was worked out for the purpose.

As a result, the Sindhi Script today, not only has all its own sounds, but, also all the four Z`s of Arabic.The present script predominantly used in Sindh as well as in many states in India and else, where migrants sindhi have settled, is Arabic in Naksh styles having fifty two alphabets. However, in some circles in India, Devnagri is used for writing sindhi. Government of India recognised both the scripts.

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