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USA- Sindhi Association of Southern California (SASC)


Sindhis living inSouthern Californiaare proud of their Sindhi Association that has served the community for more than 20 years.  It was registered by the Secretary of State on February 4, 1986. The success of the SASC is due to hard work, dedicated service and desire by the Sindhi community to preserve our ancestral heritage.  Let us thank Bhagwan Jhulelal for guiding our community and we take this opportunity to thank all donors, supporters, volunteers, executive committee members and all members for their contributions.


As Sindhis started arriving inSouthern California, they formed an informal group in early 1980s.  They would meet to celebrate important festivals or organize picnics etc.

This group included

Mr. and Mrs. Sohan Makhijani,

Mr. and Mrs. Keny Chandnani,

Mr. and Mrs. Vinod Uttamchandani,

Mr. and Mrs. Gobind Samtani,

Mr. and Mrs. Gope Ramchandani,

Mr. and Mrs. Gope Advani,

Mr. Gul Jaisinghani and

Mr. Dicky Khemlani and family etc.

As the community grew, it was felt that a formal association would help organize more programs and serve the interests of the community.  Mr. Kenny Sharma volunteered to coordinate the community’s interest and register the association as a non profit organization.  Thanks to his efforts and with support from other families, the association’s application was approved.  The first formal meeting was held inCerritosRegionalParkon Holi day in 1987. Some volunteers were elected as executive committee members to decide office bearers of the association and organize future programs etc.  Within a short time in addition to celebrating major Hindu festivals including Cheti Chand, informal monthly satsangs were arranged at members’ residences.

SASC is a nonprofit organization dedicated to the following objectives:
1. To promote, preserve and protect Hindu religion and culture among Sindhis living in Southern California
2. To create a sense of brotherhood, cooperation and cohesion among Sindhis living in Southern California
3. To promote contacts with Sindhis living in other parts of North America, Canada, India and other parts of the world 4. To inform, educate and create awareness among Sindhis about our way of life, culture, civilization, values, philosophy, language, literature, history, heritage, rights, interests and to work to preserve and promote a constructive evolution of the same.



The first executive committee elected in 1986 realized that the Sindhi community was living in different areas ofLos Angeles,Orange andRiverside counties and it was not convenient for us to meet regularly to remain in touch with one another.  To keep the community informed about the activities of the Association and about other community events and news, a periodic bulletin was published.  After a few years, the Association decided to publish the news magazine as monthly publication entitled the Sindhi Link.  Sindhi Link has served the community well by publishing to monthly satsang samachar, matrimonial column and announcement of important events such as births/weddings/deaths etc. of the members or their family members.  Members use Sindhi Link as a forum for voicing their views, ideas, criticism and suggestions for improving the programs etc.


SASC constitution requires that the following festivals must be celebrated:

Cheti Chand, Holi, Diwali and other Hindu festivals such as Shiva Ratri, Janmashtami and Ramnavami and Guru Nanak Jayanti etc.

In addition to celebrations, annual picnics etc. are organized.

The announcement for the celebration is made in the Sindhi Link and many members sponsor such events to help cover the cost.


During first 10 years, the Association conducted satang in members’ homes or by renting halls in other temples/community centers.  As the number of members grew and with increase in participation, it became difficult to accommodate such gatherings in homes.  The temple halls were not available on some festivals.  The executive committee started searching for a suitable hall that would belong to the association.  After long struggle, we succeeded in buyingSindhuCenterin 1997.  As the Association did not have adequate funds to buy the property, we appealed to our members.  We were fortunate in receiving some major donations and some minor donations.  Some kind hearted members took loan on their houses and loaned the amount to SASC.  With the Grace of Lord Jhulelal, our objective of acquiring a permanent home was achieved.  Since 1997 theSindhuCenterinNorwalkhas served our community as a place of worship as well other activities such as community hall, classes on yoga, practice for festivals such as Diwali program etc.  In theSindhuCenter, we have a kitchen and a library with books in Sindhi, Hindi and English.  Very often other Hindu organization rentSindhuCenterto conduct their lectures and activities.  We have applied for a visa to employ a Sindhi Pandit fromIndia.


The population of Sindhis born in Sindh is declining rapidly.  The Association is trying to attract younger generation to take interest and become familiar with our ancient traditions, culture and norms.  Let them feel of their heritage and preserve and promote our ancient Sindhi Hindu civilization.

The achievements of the SASC have been exemplary and not without struggle.  There have been differences of opinions and parting of ways.  In any organization, it is not possible to please everyone all the time.  We are proud that we have served the community well. The discussions during Annual General Body Meetings have been open and frank and elections held are fair.  This could not happen without hard work and sincere efforts of many members, volunteers and well wishers.  We thank each and everyone who has helped in making this organization one of the most efficient and effective community associations in Southern California.
The following is the list of the past presidents of the SASC.  We salute them and others who served us in a selfless manner and helped SASC evolve into an outstanding organization. May Lord Jhulelal bless us all!


1994-95 Mohan Dadlani

1995-96 Mohan Dadlani

1996-97 Ram Manwani

1997-98 Gopal Lala

1998-99 Arjan Idnani

1999-2000 Kishore Lala

2000-01  Raju Mohnani

2001-02 Kishan Hingorani

2002-03 Chandra Ramsinghani

2003-04 Hari Dadlani

2004-05 Raju Israni

2005-06 Anita Mahbubani

2006-07 Anita Advani

2007-08K ishore Lala/Prakash Navani

2008-09 Chandra Ramsinghani

2009-10 Ramesh Ramnani

2010-11 Mohan Dadlani