1300 years !

We lost our Motherland 1300 years back !

We have changed from a REFUGEE community, our Seniors came penniless. Today, whatever we have is due their hardwork and effort. Salute to  them. We have completed 60 years of Consolidation. For next 60 years, we have to build bridges and hold our community together and encourage it.

If you see our History:

*Mohan jo Daro was first civilisation.

** Karachi, Where streets were washed with Perfumes every day.

***Shikarpur, had great green Boulevards and extensive city planning.

**** Multan, when attacked was 90% Gold.

***** Mionians, (*Krete or Kirti or modern day Cyprus) were first Sindhi settlers in Greece, They were the traders, who came from Sindh via Egypt, Via Israel and they formed the first port of supply from China, India to Europe. Mionians were very rich. Hence the urge to look for Sindh or Hind…. became more stronger.It used to take 27 days by Road and Sea from Europe to Sindh.

*English spent more time to decipher Egyptian Language, but nothing was done to decipher Mohan jo daro language.

**Oriental Renissance in 1800s hit Europe like a Craze, everyone was learning Sanskrit (From Paris & than in Bonn) the Europeans had never seen anything like the Indian Books of Knowledge.( *If you see closely the following concepts have been taken from India: Manu Smriti became the arc of Noah, Aryabhata’s Maths provided the basis of Mathematic Calculations of prime numbers and Pi. Socrates, Aristotle, every learned Greek had studied our Vedic Litreature and  passed on the knowledge as theirs, they became so famous and recognised, that the concepts that generated in India,were given a new packaging.

*** Sindh Capital was Brahamana bad, it had a huge GOLDEN temple, with 35000 Resident Priests.

*IN 711 AD, Most cities and most religious places were destroyed. As the Mughals had only one agenda, convert people to their religion.

*If Jews, have suffered from Holocaust, what Sindh has gone through over 1300 years, is not less than that.

Hence, if you are a Indian Sindhi, you must be proud of your past, you must now start giving time to make your community more stronger.



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